c's pics - may 2001

My coworker Justin and his demon spawn, Marnie

Random Cat Pictures
Tabby being cute at the Bean
Tabby giving a pornstar look
Ada inspecting the camera
Nin chillin' on the counch
...and again
...and again

Bike Party at the Bean: May 5
Kim and most of the bikes
Chai washing his Ninja
Kim attentively watching her battery charge

Cam's Cinqo de Mayo Party : May 5
Whoa! It's Cam!
Cam demonstrating his love skills on Jennie
Nitin is truly the fishmaster.
Peter has mad blender skills
Roger and Traci
Steve and Jennie look a little wasted here.
Traci, Nitin, Alex, and Jennie
Jennie shows us what Alex would look like with hair.

Beer Waffles at the Capitol of Swank: May 9
Kim prepares the waffles
Yum! Beer!
Laura and the Belgium Waffler

Jan and Keith visit from Seattle: May 11-13
dance dance revolution, pool party, and dyeing jan's hair
Sam getting down.
I'd never really played DDR before.
This was on the way beginner's level.
Jan bustin' a move with DDR
Sam and I (Peter took this shot from the roof)
...and again.
Keith chillin' in the pool
Jan chillin' in the pool
Jan with bleach-tastic hair
meeting evan and sarah in SF
they're from australia. they're "gurge" and "alasia" on mu
Jan and Keith in SF. Dig the cable car and Jan's new haircolor!
Me and Jan are dyed-hair chickies in SF.
Mu nerds at a diner.
L-R: Sarah/Alasia, Evan/Gurge, Jan/Friday, Keith/SharingPatrol, Laura/Cesium
...and again.
The sea lions at fisherman's wharf
Evan with the Pier 39 sea lions
Pier 39 with part of SF in the background
Evan and Sarah at Pier 39 (fisherman's wharf)
Laura with the Bay Bridge and Chinatown in the background

Jan and Keith's Homemade Soap is Cat-Approved.
Hullo, what's this?
Yum! I like to eat Jan's homemade soap!
Ew, that didn't taste so good.
I'll put the smack down on the soap and show it who's boss!

Milkshakes with Timo on his last day: May 17

Chris's new baby: May 18
Peter, Sam, Chris, and the NSX
Tabby, Trish and Chris look cute

Calistoga: May 26
A general map of where we went
Cat's CBR600F4, my SV650S, and Kim's CB-1 eating breakfast at Hobee's
Kim, me, Tai, and Jody striking a girlie pose in Marin
...and again
A neat rock formation along the Silverado Trail
Tai and Jody along the vineyards
The mineral bath jacuzzi Tai and I took
I was scared of the mud baths.
Me getting my mummification/blanket wrap "treatment"
A fake Tai on her RS
Tai and Jody showing off the fine Calistoga high school
A gorgeous afternoon in northern California

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