c's pics - april 2001

Peter and I go to Seattle: April 6-8
The Pre-Party Clean-Up
Jan digging out her vacuum cleaner
Jan at the club
Me cleaning walls with a sock.
Peter and I Play Tourist
Me eating pizza in the U-district
This is funny because it's a really fancy porta-potty, and the little orange sticker says "PALO ALTO"
Me and the Space Needle
...and again.
Just the Space Needle.
Me and Seattle, from the top of the Space Needle
...and again.
...and again. (this one's really cool)
Peter at the top of the Space Needle
...and again.
...and again.
The music museum from the Space Needle
Me in my bumper car
...and Peter in his.
Keith's Surprise Birthday Party
Decorations for the party
Dessert in the shape of the Galapagos Islands, of course.
Jan and a suitably surprised Keith.
Eva, Ken, and Peter
Eva is "pippin" on Mu. I'd never met her IRL before. :)
Me, Eva, and Ken
Me and Jan looking sultry
Keith blowing out the candles on his cake
Keith and his Buttercup binoculars.
Nik loading the potato gun
Right before I was shot.
Hanging out on Sunday
Yum! Ice cream!
...and again.

Third Annual Easter-Egg Dyeing Party: 14 April
Me, Chai, and Alan eating pizza pre-dyeing
Chai, Kim, Alan, and Sam starting the eggs
Ming is very intent on his egg
Me and my tacky ugly egg
My tacky ugly egg :D
Sam, me, Alan, Peter, Ming, and Kim (Chai took the picture)
Trish modelling her DeathGuild shirt
Kim playing with the weird bunny string thing

Dustin and Noelani's BBQ: 21 April
Sidney chillin' in the tree
Jennalynn doing likewise
Kittyboo showing Jennalynn how it's done
All us gals in the tree
Sidney hanging out with dad
Kim showing off her swordfish

Chai and I take on the twisites: 22 April
Chai and his new Ninja
Me with our bikes near the coffee shop
Chai with our bikes
Our little gang, up on the summit
Erik's neat camera setup on his purple gixxer
Me at the summit
The SVS posing as usual
Chai and some really gorgeous scenery

Ben looked way too cutely domestic to not take this picture - 22 April

I go riding in the twisties: 27 April
Here's a detailed map of the route
...and a more zoomed-out map
... ...and a even more zoomed-out map.
The SVS posing along Highway 9
Four Corners, where Hwy 9 and Hwy 35 intersect
Alice's Restaurant, biker hangout extraordinaire. At the intersection of Hwys 35 and 84.
Senen, a cool guy I met at Four Corners and rode up to Alice's with
Me sitting on Senen's Yamaha R6
A great view of the bay from Hwy 35
On the other side of the road, some pretty hills and vineyards
The SVS along the vineyards

My birthday party dinner: 29 April
The gang at Buca di Beppo's
Kim pointing at the menu
Peter, Alan, Laura, and Sam
Kim, Nat, Trish, and Chris
Me and Peter
Everyone but Peter (who took the picture) at the table

Birthday revelries, Danger-style

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