c's pics - june 2001

New Wave City's Black and Black Ball: June 2
Me dressed up
...and again
Me and Peter before clubbing

Jennalynn's Dance Recital: June 3
Jennalynn (far right) and troupe doing the Mexican Hat Dance
Jennalynn and her post-show flowers

Third-Year Anniversary Flowers from the Boy: beginning of Juneish
Pretty roses.
...and again.
...and again.

The Bierman clan and I play tourist in SF: June 10
we stumble upong the haight street fair
Haight Street was quite crowded.
We bump into Ann and her new roommate
The Biermans do Haight Street
Peter and I at the Haight St Fair
the gorgeous view from twin peaks
San Francisco proper
Western SF and the Golden Gate Bridge
Me with San Francisco
Peter and I
The Bierman clan with SF
the golden gate bridge, from the marin side
A neat view of the bridge
yay! it's the bridge.
page mill road in the south bay
Pretty hills and the bay
...and again.

The Bierman clan and I play tourist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium: June 13
A beach near Stienbeck Plaza
A big jellyfish
Peter and the jellyfish
Some sealions sunbathing out on the bay
A seahorse in the new seahorse exhibit
...and again
...and again.
A big orange fish
Peter and Mr. Bierman pet a stingray
Peter and I at the aquarium
A leopard shark

Bound: June 22
Chris and I hanging out by the bar
Me goofing off on the couch
Patricia and Bound's 3-year anniversary cake
The cake kicked ass.
Patricia and I, cute as always
Sam and I decided to take silly pictures with the bike
...and again

Dustin and Noelani's wedding in Las Vegas: June 23-23
The east bay and central valley from the plane
The Sierra Nevada mountain range
The Las Vegas strip from the plane
The Paris casino
If you look carefully, the clock says it's 103 degrees out.
The strip, from one of the walkways
Kim has curly hair!
Kim doing the "maid of honor dance"
Jennalynn and me
Getting Noelani's dress together
The girls of Beyond.com!
Dustin, Kim, and Gulfie all stylin'
Kim and I before the wedding
The bride and groom (and Jennalynn)
Dustin and Noelani with their custom cake topper
What a face.
Jennalynn blowing bubbles
Me and Ming with tacky stuff at the Luxor
Noelani, post-ceremony
Ming strangling Dustin's lion
The Excaliber at night
The MGM at night
The lights of the Strip
Kim and Ming in the stocks at the Excaliber
Me and the tacky camels in the Luxor
What's Kim and I without a little motorcycle action?

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