c's pics - march 2001

Kim, Peter, and I go to Petroglyphs: March 10
Peter painting his snowflake
Kim and her soon-to-be-broken picture frame
My second attempt at a sexy light switch cover
lest anyone think i can draw, the cat was a rubber stamp
Peter and my works of art
Me looking very tired
Kim making a selection

Peter and I go snowboarding: March 13-14
Our kickass swank loft at Kirkwood
Peter modelling our fine loft
Peter making our traditional snowboarding eggs-n-bacon breakfast
The view from our window
Me and my sultry goggles
Me chillin' on the hill
...and again.
...and again.
A fascinating picture of me stepping out at the lift
blah blah zoom blah
Peter hanging out on a bench
...and again.
A steep, obviously non-carolyn run
I did this one! See the blue square on the sign? See it? Huh?
A neat view of the main lodges from the lift
our loft was in the tan lodge on the right with the brown roof
A neat picture of Kirkwood that Peter took
...and another one
That'd be me coming up the (intermediate!!) lift
Me getting off the lift without dying
Peter and our end-of-day beer
...and me with mine
This picture does a poor job of indicating how steep this run was
note: this was the next day; not right after we'd just drank the beer
You can tell I fell over about a half-second after this picture was taken

Peter and I go on a bike ride: 18 March
Here's a map of where we went.
Me sitting on my bike at Round Table (before the ride)
...and again.
...and again.
Peter and the bikes, partway up Page Mill Road
Peter and I in the same spot on Page Mill
the self-timer accidentally got the tank bag it was resting on in the pic. oops.
Peter removing the tank bag from where it helped with the previous picture
The SVS posing along Page Mill
Me saying "yay! it's sunny!" a little further up Page Mill
i took my jacket off while we were stopped; i don't want anyone thinking i ride like that!
...and again
A pond in the nature preserve where Page Mill Road intersects with Skyline Blvd (where we turned around)
A big mossy tree in the same nature preserve
Peter pretending to be eaten by tree moss
Peter was mighty happy to have the visor down
see the bug right on his nose?
This picture was taken in the Fry's parking lot. All good trips end with Fry's.

Peter's birthday weekend: March 23-25
Doc Wong clinic: 3/23
A bunch of people at the Doc Wong clinic
...and again
Me admiring another red SVS (mine's the one in the background)
A bunch of SV(S)s at the Doc Wong clinic
the doc wong clinic was held at aftershocks
Peppermill: 3/24
Sam drinking pink sugar
Everyone but me (I took the pic) at the Peppermill
The classic picture of Sam
Peter and I at the OS X release party after the Peppermill
The Capital of Swank: 3/25
Cutting Peter's birthday cake
Kim and Ming
Me and Laura
...and again
Peter and Ben
I highly recommend checking out Peter's Quicktime VR of the many gulfies. about 700k.

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