c's pics - february 2001

Kim and I play with my new bike: February 5
Kim's CB-1
Kim and her CB-1
...and again
Me and the new SV650S
...and again
...and again
...and again
Kim at the sushi restaurant we rode to for lunch
Me at the restaurant

Goofing off in Peter's office: February 7
Me and my new armored motorcycle pants
...and again
My hair looks cool in this picture.
I don't know why, but I really like this picture.
My opinion of Peter taking all these pictures of me

Showing off my new bike in the Danger parking lot: Feburary 8
From the front
...and again.
...and again.
From the side
The SVS from the side
...and again
...and again
I think this is my favorite picture of the bike.
I'm sticking my tongue out at Peter again. I do that a lot.
Tearing up the streets of Palo Alto.
I look really dumb in that picture.
...and again.

Ada looking cute sometime in February

Nin looking cute sometime in February

Me goofing off at Target

Snow in the foothills!!!

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