c's pics - january 2001

Note: these pictures were all taken with Peter's new Canon S100 Digital Elph.
I reduced the size of the pictures by 50% (they were taken at 1600x1200 resolution) before posting them here.
You can see the full-size pics on Peter's website, once he uploads them. I'll add a link when he does.

Peter and I go to Kirkwood: January 5 - 7
[Note: this was the second time in my whole life that i'd gone snowboarding. i'm still impressed that i didn't die. see my first time here!]
[Note part 2: Peter got me the snowboard/bindings for xmas! doesn't he kick ass?]

Me and my snowboard
Note the very little amount of snow :(
Me not dying.
I'm going about a half a mile per hour here. But I'm still not dying.
Zoom! Look at me tear up that bunny hill!
Me and Peter looking like the boarder babes we are.
Peter obviously took this on a non-carolyn run, since it looks like a real hill.
The top of a badly misrated green run. I still didn't die, though.
Peter and I at the top of the same hill.

Kirkwood Part Deux: January 26-28
Me fixing my bindings
...and again
Me coming up to the bottom of the hill
...and again
the little celebrating guy in the background kicks my ass. "yes! i didn't die!"
Me actually moving down a decent hill
...and again
Kirkwood, with snow this time
One of the lodges, from the top of a run
A nice view of the mountains, on the way home
You can't tell I'm up to my knees in snow in this picture.

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