c's pics - july 2003

17th Annual Women on Wheels Ride-In, Prescott, AZ
Sat. July 5: San Jose, CA - Barstow, CA
Sun. July 6: Barstow, CA - Prescott, AZ
Mon. July 7: Ride-In
Tues. July 8: Ride-In
Wed. July 9: Ride-In
Thurs. July 10: Prescott, AZ - Mojave, CA
Fri. July 11: Mojave, CA - Palo Alto, CA

July 15: Kathleen (the World's Cutest Baby) attends the Women on Wheels meeting

July 19: Fire Garden show
Fire Garden's website

July 20: Paul's new Thunderbird Sport

July 24: Ada and Nin: International Supermodels

July 25: Jen and I take Moni up to Alice's

July 26: Wind Dancers End-of-Month Putt

July 26: Kim's new YZF600R

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